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June 17th, 1996 by

Two top executives of international PR firm The Americas Group,
Stamford, Conn., have moved over to corporate positions.
Jack Macauley, managing director, joined Philip Morris Management
Corp., New York, as director, external relations. Evelyn
Mariperisensa joins Chrysler Corp. as manager …


June 10th, 1996 by

Kaufman Starts Asian Unit
Advertising and public relations agency Henry J. Kaufman & Associates,
Washington, D.C., launched an Asian Marketing unit. The group will
promote products and services of U.S. companies to Asian-Americans.
It also will represent Asian business …

Every CEO worth his or her salt knows that corporate social responsibility is now a critical component of any organization’s strategic business plan. That’s why effective CSR communications to communities, customers and the general public is so important. …

Beth Haiken

In our first executive team meeting of the year, we were asked to share two goals, one departmental and one personal. The department goals clustered around things like productivity and profitability. The personal goals were also fairly standard—…

Case Study Partnerships

April 26th, 1999 by

Community Relations Results in After-School Program Success
The federal government doles out billions of dollars every year for community-based programs, sometimes leaving the PR legwork to somebody else. A case in point is the “21st Century Community Learning Centers Program,” …

When a company is in the throes of layoffs, the internal communications process can get muddied when a company seeks to satisfy Wall Street more than its employees.
If employees learn that jobs will be cut but don’t know immediately …