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Media Moves

January 14th, 2002 by

National News: Ethan Bronner’s title at The New York Times changes from education editor to assistant editorial page editor. A replacement has not been named, but email Joe
Berger with information regarding education coverage, … Eben Shapiro, business …

Location, Location, Location

January 7th, 2002 by

IndustryWeek introduces a new monthly department with the February issue, reporting on major manufacturing firms and how they make their plant site decisions. Email John
McClenahen, senior editor, with pitches for the new feature, aptly dubbed “Locations.”

In two weeks, PR NEWS will tackle one of the most pressing issues you’re sure to face in the future: how prepared your company is for a crisis.
On Feb. 17 at the Washington Sheraton in Washington, D.C., speakers at …

The CEO Credibility Quiz

January 12th, 1998 by

We’re sure that when left alone in their corporate chambers, CEOs have to attach some professional analyses to how their leadership and reputation-management skills stack up – after all, no one’s perfect, right?
So to help you embark on an …

“Psychographics.” It sounds like the doodles you made with Spiro-Graph kits when you were a kid. But it’s actually a proven scientific method for segmenting the population into distinct groups of personality types – and identifying potential consumers for your …

It’s not yet part of the PR and marketing lexicon. But firewalls can be the difference between operating in a fish tank and tightly controlling the flow of information.
Firewalls, or protectorship software, should be seen as a front-line barrier …


August 5th, 1996 by

Buffalo Firm Hits 10 Years
Crowley Webb & Associates, a Buffalo, N.Y. ad/PR agency, celebrates
its 10th anniversary this month. Agency founders Joseph Crowley, CEO
and John Webb remain on board as CEO and chairman of the board,
respectively, of …


June 17th, 1996 by

Two top executives of international PR firm The Americas Group,
Stamford, Conn., have moved over to corporate positions.
Jack Macauley, managing director, joined Philip Morris Management
Corp., New York, as director, external relations. Evelyn
Mariperisensa joins Chrysler Corp. as manager …


June 10th, 1996 by

Kaufman Starts Asian Unit
Advertising and public relations agency Henry J. Kaufman & Associates,
Washington, D.C., launched an Asian Marketing unit. The group will
promote products and services of U.S. companies to Asian-Americans.
It also will represent Asian business …