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September 25th, 2000 by

Talkin’ Bout My Generation. AARP unveils the official name of its impending boomer publication, set to debut in March/April 2001. The launch of My Generation
will surely make more than a blip on the media radar screen, with a readership …

Media Moves

September 11th, 2000 by

Boston Globe TV writer Don Aucoin is on sabbatical until June 2001; Mark Jurkowitz assumes his coverage. 617/929-3172… Bill Snyder joins Business 2.0 as senior editor
covering technology; Laurianne McLaughlin becomes senior editor, online; Emily Fitzloff joins as associate editor, online; and …

Are You On Deck for Tech?

September 4th, 2000 by

Thinking of making a career switch into the high-tech market? Tech PR isn’t an entirely separate animal from mainstream PR, but its definitely it’s own breed.
Tech start-ups, being lean and hungry, operate with a different M.O., according to …

Editorial Calendar Alert

September 4th, 2000 by

Big biz and computers. The Nov. 10 issue of Computoredge looks at how computers are affecting big businesses and how big businesses have changed the computer. The
magazine is the largest regional computer weekly in the U.S., with editions in …

Media Moves

August 28th, 2000 by

Dallas Morning News staff writer Jennifer Files leaves to join the San
Jose Mercury News as telecommunications access reporter. 408/920-5026. Her
replacement is Vikas Bajaj. 214/977-8389. Crayton Harrison replaces Bajaj as
technology reporter. 214/977-8969 …Lydia Lee joins Industry Standard
as …


August 17th, 2000 by

HPRMN is introducing a new department that will provide an interactive soundboard for your healthcare marketing questions and comments submitted to our Web site at The site provides a forum where you get to ask industry questions …

Media Moves

August 14th, 2000 by

Lewis Braham leaves to join BusinessWeek
as staff editor covering mutual funds. 718/921-8922. John Shinal, previously
with, joins as correspondent covering networking and telecommunications
– a beat previously held by deputy bureau chief Andy Reinhardt. Reinhardt …

Media Moves

July 24th, 2000 by

Allison Bass, writer for the Living section at the Boston Globe,
leaves to become senior editor at CIO, 508/872-8200. Contact Fiona
Luis, Living editor, at 617/929- 2800…Tom Cekay, former interactive news editor
for the Chicago Tribune Internet Edition, joins the …

I/R Means Education

July 24th, 2000 by

New investors continue to enter the bull market in droves, but they aren’t born experts. Many are craving extra guidance about how to invest in what they perceive as increasingly complex and volatile
markets. Americans are generally excited about the …