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August 2nd, 1999 by

On The Radar Screen
With a limping starting quarterback, a coach closing practices to the media, a running back nabbed for using a handicapped parking permit, and a brand new owner breathing down his neck, maybe the job of PR …

Part 3 of 3
Most reporters responding to a recent PR NEWS survey prefer that PR professionals email them over other methods of contact. But, heed parts 1 and 2 of our survey (PRN, 7/19 and 7/26) when working with journalists – they’ll call you or …

Industry News & Trends

July 26th, 1999 by

George Magazine’s Fate Is Still Unclear
Editors at George magazine have not gone on the record as to whether or not John F. Kennedy, Jr.’s publication can or will survive without him, since he was, after all, the magazine’s …

Industry News & Trends

July 19th, 1999 by

M&A Activity Expected to Rise
Better brush up on your M&A communications skills. More than 60 percent of senior executives polled by The Conference Board expect the number of M&As in their own firms to increase in the …

The survey results appearing in this issue were conducted by PR NEWS in June 1999 with editorial staff of Phillips Business Information’s newsletters and magazines. Most of the journalists below can be reached at 301/340-7788. Respondents include:
Seth Arenstein, Editorial Director, …

Media Moves

July 8th, 1999 by

The information in Media Moves is provided exclusively to HPRMN by MediaMap. MediaMap provides more than 1,200 agencies with detailed and accurate media information. Visit MediaMap at or call 888/624-1620 for more information.
Internal Moves

The News Monitor

July 8th, 1999 by

NCQA Monitors PPO Quality

The National Committee for Quality Assurance, which accredits managed care plans, will soon expand its oversight role with the nation’s preferred provider organizations (PPOs), a huge healthcare sector that hasn’t been subjected to the same scrutiny …