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Companies Offering SMTs

June 2nd, 1997 by

Broadcast News Associates Inc.
New York, 212/472-7300
Contact: Mary D’Arcy
Broadcast News Coverage
Los Angeles, 714/851-2842
Contact: Susan Tripp
Chanticleer Communications Inc.
Austin, TX 512/338-0095
Contact: William M. Jackson
Conus Video & Satellite Services
Minneapolis, MN 612/642-4694
Contact: Brian Tuttle
D …

Suffice it to say, it’s never a good PR practice to limit the media to a “press pen” set up outside of the location of the publicity event you’ve invited them to. But that’s precisely what happened May 13 when the …


May 12th, 1997 by

William C. Lyddan, Jr., president of Brouillard Communications, New York, will become president and CEO of the agency effective July 1 as announced by chairman James H. Foster, who has been CEO since 1984.
Lyddan joined Brouillard as president in June 1996 from …

Follows is a List of Companies Offering:

Allen’s Press Clipping Bureau
San Francisco, 415/3922353
Contact: John McCombs

Luce Press Clippings
Mesa, AZ 800/5288226
Contact: Arnold Knepper

Bacon’s Information Inc.
Chicago 800/6210561
Contact: Michael Buxbaum

Metro Press Clipping Bureau
Baton Rouge, LA 504/2921715
Contact: Mike …

Following is a list of some companies that offer media training.

Allan Bonner Communications Management Inc.
Toronto, 416/484-1667 Contact: Janice Maas

Imada Wong Communications Group, Inc.
Los Angeles 213/622-6513 Contact: S. Robert Park

Barry McLoughlin Associates, Inc.
Washington, DC 800/663-3899 …