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Avoid Spamming Journalists with Canned Story Ideas
The Web may have changed the speed of communication and the way consumers digest information, but it hasn’t homogenized the media landscape, particularly where online
healthcare news is concerned. Some online reporters, for …

Media Strategy

May 15th, 2000 by

Reality Bites. The average national television soundbite lasts 7.2 seconds. (The average soundbite in Washington, D.C., land of the political windbags, is 15-20
seconds, but that’s another story.) Want to get your corporate message on camera? Give producers the nuggets …

By John Echeveste/Valencia, Perez & Echeveste Public
The Hispanic market is probably the hottest segment on the
national public-relations landscape today, and why not? With a
population approaching 40 million and more than $700 billion in
consumer spending power, Hispanics are …

Media Moves

April 13th, 2000 by

The information in Media Moves is provided by the health research department
of Press Access, which provides contact informaton for more than 1,000 journalists
at more than 1,000 consumer and business publications.
Industry Recognition
Business & Health won a Jesse H. Neal National …

As we searched for the ideal candidates for our first annual PR NEWS 15 to Watch Stars of PR honors, our favorite nomination was for “One bright young starlette – tall,
brunette, attractive… Unfortunately I don’t remember her name.” That’s not …

CLIENT: Raindance Communications PR:
Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
TIMEFRAME: September – November 2004 200442004
The business world at large has been slow to warm to the promise
of Web conferencing, a technological advance supposed to ease the
tedium of …

PR professionals sometimes go to great lengths to impress the media. And don’t think reporters don’t appreciate a good wooing. From gifts to junkets to love offerings,
journalists remember the companies and PR counselors who take care of them. But …

The Ketchum-Armstrong Williams-Department of Education scandal
points to the woeful lack of PR for PR, a chronic problem that now
threatens irreparable damage to a field that John and Jane Q.
Public know little to nothing about — and what …