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Community Relations

February 23rd, 2009 by

Winner: MassMedia Corporate Communications

Campaign: McDonald Carano Wilson LLP Supports Fernley Flood Relief

When 1,500 people in Fernley, Nevada, were evacuated after the Truckee River Canal was breached, causing massive flooding that damaged more than 800 homes, the law firm of

McDonald …

Litigation Communications

February 23rd, 2009 by

Winner: FD

Campaign: 290% Greater Than Expected: A Campaign to Maximize Returns to Enron’s Creditors

Enron executives may have been responsible for engineering one of the largest acts of corporate fraud in U.S. history but, six years after its 2001 fall …

Sustaining the Momentum

February 17th, 2009 by

For an 18-month project like the Jamestown 2007/America’s 400th Anniversary, which encompassed much detail and preplanning, it was necessary for the team players to come up with fresh tactics and unique messaging that would attract national and international attention. To …

This time last year, as the U.S. economy rapidly approached the symbolic cliff’s edge from which it would fall, the public relations industry seemed to be standing strong. A 2008 survey of PR agencies conducted by StevensGouldPincus revealed good fortune …

With its “Why Music?” campaign, MENC: The National Association
for Music Education set for itself a high bar. The campaign’s dual
goals seem reasonable enough: To promote public awareness of the
importance of music education, and to publicize the five-year-old

Veterans of corporate litigation say that PR pros must maintain
a dialog with the press during lawsuits. But how do you manage that
when the judge has issued a gag order, you’re dealing with
aggressive “no comment” attorney attitudes, or …

The tide has turned. Concerns for the environment that once were considered controversial have now become mainstream. The commitment by The Weather Channel to work at all levels to further the green movement has its roots in the stand that …

Sound bites are the lines and phrases we all know. Whether you love them or loathe them, they are the quotes that fill the 24-hour news cycle of our world.  What do they all have in common?  Three things: simple …

Does this sound familiar? You go online to search for a simple piece of information on a company’s Web site — a telephone number for a particular department, say, media
relations, or a street address for the home office — …

Outputs: What is said, quantified by analyzing content based on:




Outtakes: What the audience understands/takes away, quantified by:

Message recall

Assimilation of key facts

Outcomes: What the specific communications produces, including:




Increased stock …