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According to IDC, the number of mobile devices accessing the Internet worldwide will surpass 1 billion by 2013, and the number of mobile Internet users worldwide will hit 900 million that same year. And a recent study by PR agency Ruder Finn finds …

CLIENT: Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of
PR AGENCY: Deveney Communications
TIMEFRAME: March 2003 – April 2003
BUDGET: $71,000
With more than 1,400 potentially life-saving medications offered
free or discounted by pharmaceutical companies through
patient-assistance programs, medical help abounded in 2002 to the
uninsured and …

Prior to 2008, one of the chief obstacles of the Iams Home 4 the Holidays (IH4TH) campaign was breaking through the media clutter. “That was a frustrating challenge because we had one of the world’s most successful adoption drives but …

Organization: California Center for Public Health Advocacy
Agency: Brown-Miller Communications
Timeframe: 2009

With the national obesity crisis growing to epidemic proportions, some health experts say there’s a need for consumers to understand what they’re eating—not just how much …

It may still be a secret to some that the economy is slowly showing signs of recovery. However, if your company doesn’t take advantage of this rise in the economic landscape and capitalize on the ever-changing ways companies are …