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Once the purview of teens, tweens and B-list celebrities all too willing to share too much information about themselves, social networking has definitely moved up in the world.
By now, you probably engage to some extent: your company may have …

As the public trust of corporate America has dipped along with the economy, more attention and pressure is being placed on CEOs and other C-suite executives to deliver the right messaging to shareholders and other stakeholders.
Executives, particularly CEOs, are …

CLIENT: Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of
PR AGENCY: Deveney Communications
TIMEFRAME: March 2003 – April 2003
BUDGET: $71,000
With more than 1,400 potentially life-saving medications offered
free or discounted by pharmaceutical companies through
patient-assistance programs, medical help abounded in 2002 to the
uninsured and …

According to IDC, the number of mobile devices accessing the Internet worldwide will surpass 1 billion by 2013, and the number of mobile Internet users worldwide will hit 900 million that same year. And a recent study by PR agency Ruder Finn finds …