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John Doorley has a knack for influencing tomorrow’s business leaders.

“I always like developing young people,” says Doorley, a corporate communications professional-turned-professor/director of New York University’s nascent MS in public

relations and corporate communications program. “I was always told …

Companies: Grecco Gear; Denver Public Library

Timeframes: 2003 to present; March 2006

Video content has enhanced many PR campaigns, either through the traditional use of VNRs or b-roll footage or in special promotional tapes sent to sales staffs and potential

clients. However, …

Fundraising events have long been a challenge to the PR professional. Getting the desired level of media attention and financial donations requires a double dose of PR

planning and strategy.

Increasingly, PR professionals hosting fundraising events on behalf of other …

The most talented print, broadcast and crisis media spokespersons were recognized and honored for their skills and ability to effectively deliver their organization’s messages
in a crowded, competitive 24/7 news environment.
At ceremonies held in New York and Washington, PR News …


August 24th, 2005 by

Physician, Heal Thyself
“If we, as a profession, wish these online attacks would stop, then we have to do something about cleaning our own house. We have tolerated the worst practice of public
relations long enough. Enough bad PR from …

Brits jumped for joy last week after London was awarded the 2012 Olympic Summer Games following an agonizing selection process. (Editor’s Note: The celebrations were
marred the very next day after terrorists exploded four bombs on London’s subway and bus systems, …