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Co-Winner: John Earnhardt
Director of Communications, Cisco Systems
When John Earnhardt wrote the first blog post at Cisco in 2005, it kicked off the social media era not only for him, but for the brand as a whole.

In 2008, Earnhardt took …


December 1st, 1997 by

On the Radar Screen:
Mattel Doesn’t Deliver PR Bust During Queries About Barbie
When news about Mattel making over Barbie recently made its way to the pages of The Wall Street Journal (months before the company planned on making its …

New York

October 27th, 1997 by

1120 Avenue of the Americas, 6th Floor
New York, N.Y. 10036; Phone: 212/597-8001
Editor’s Note: Even though a large percentage of the content at mirrors what’s in the print version, the Web site also boosts its own …

Media Insight

October 20th, 1997 by

CNN Headline News
One CNN Center, P.O. Box 105366,
Atlanta, Ga. 30348; Phone: 404/827-1500
Editor’s Note: Only a small percentage, between 5 and 10 percent, of the news that makes it beyond Headline News’s cutting room floor is generated from ideas pitched by …

Media Insight

October 6th, 1997 by

Editor’s Note: We’re not exaggerating when we tell you that out of the dozens of newsrooms, broadcast centers and TV production boutiques we’ve attempted to gain entree, that this bunch (the paper has a daily ciruclation of 234,300 and a Sunday …