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Extreme ESPN

August 13th, 2001 by

ESPN will launch a test version of EXPN Magazine, devoted to the most extreme sports fans, at the X Games in Philadelphia. The pub will be available at the X Games (August 17-
22), and at ESPN Zones, Barnes & Noble and …

It was the English poet William Blake who probably first addressed the media list conundrum, when he concluded his prophetic poem The Marriage of Heaven and Hell with the
immortal words: “Enough! or too much.”
Therein lies the rub. As …

Media Metrics

July 14th, 2003 by

While they have been around for many years, Weblogs — or blogs — are starting to gain significant traction among Web users, as the Google search engine integrates blogger and
blogging tools into its new 2.0 toolbar. On the research firm …

400 N. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19130

The Wind-Up
Founded in 1829, where the First Amendment was born, The Philadelphia Inquirer is the nation’s third oldest surviving daily, and serves America’s fourth largest metropolitan
area. But pedigree …