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By John Baldoni/Baldoni Consulting LLC
PR can and should play a tactical role in product launches and customer-relationship management, of course, but those tactics must be rooted in the larger goals of what the
enterprise wants to accomplish, e….

Southwest Airlines’ CEO James F. Parker resigns abruptly in July, citing “personal reasons,” including the “draining” nature of the job. Nike CEO Phil Knight calls it
quits in November, with nary an explanation for his departure (although he’s staying on …

Creating a succinct and meaningful company description can costs tens of thousands of dollars either in internal resources or fees to consultants. Or you can do it on the
Software from MissionExpert ( costs $20 to $500 and …

The cover story in the current issue of BusinessWeek (October 4) titled “Fuzzy Numbers” posits that despite reforms, corporate profits can be as “distorted and confusing as ever” and today’s financial reports are “riddled with jargon that’s hard to fathom and

Frank Eliason is a man of action. Widely known for transforming the Comcast customer service department into a social media juggernaut (particularly through the use of Twitter), in November of last year as he was preparing to launch a similar …

A new corporate reputation study finds that the American public not only has ill feelings towards BP and companies in the financial and health insurance sectors, but even well-admired companies at the top of the reputation heap draw negative reactions.