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Organization: American Academy of Arts & Sciences

Timeframe: April to October 2006

It is safe to say that most PR professionals love award announcements – the concept of rewarding excellence and promoting clever people with special celebrations and the

presentation of trophies …

The online community has recently been the subject of intensive scrutiny from the media, law enforcement and politicians due to reports of sexual predators

using the online community to victimize naive minors. However, too-trusting kids aren’t the only …

Company: Restore Medical

Agency: Lois Paul & Partners

Budget: $60,000 (three-month launch)

Timeframe: September 2004 to present

Here’s a unique way to measure the success of a PR campaign: Having Jay Leno refer to the item being promoted during “The Tonight Show” – …

Government lobbying often relies heavily on PR strategies to leverage influence. Yet in the wake of the Jack Abramoff scandals that rocked Washington, it might appear the

lobbyists themselves are in need of PR assistance.

At the federal level, a …

PR Movers

February 6th, 2006 by

General Electric, Fairfield, CT, appointed Dan Henson chief marketing officer. He was chief commercial officer of GE Commercial Finance, and in his new

capacity he will oversee the company’s communications projects.

Susan Goodenow has been named vice president of business …

CHALLENGE: Encourage the PR industry to learn and profit from the tactics practiced by guerrilla marketing agencies.
In terms of learning, it may depend solely on the individual considering the challenge. For some PR professionals, guerrilla marketing is all about …

Does this sound familiar? You go online to search for a simple piece of information on a company’s Web site — a telephone number for a particular department, say, media
relations, or a street address for the home office — …