Scrutiny of Corporate Governance Hits New High

The media's attention to corporate governance is at an historic high, according to new research from media analytics firm CARMA. The company analyzed 25 years of coverage in
BusinessWeek, Forbes, Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times (U.S. edition) and The New York Times, and with the exception of The New York Times, each of the six
publications published more articles on the subject of corporate governance than in any previous month. The yearly averages are higher than usual, too. For example, in the case of
The Wall Street Journal, the paper has published more than four times as many stories on the topic in the first seven months of 2002 as it usually does in an entire year. And
that's not even the bad news: The focus of the articles has also changed. Whereas before, articles were more strategic in nature (i.e. articles designed to help companies protect
themselves from corporate raiders), most coverage of corporate governance now dissects what corporations have done wrong (i.e. abusive accounting practices). For more complete
data from the study, email