Scandal Fallouts Leave One Media Exec Out In The Cold…

The court fight last year between Rosie O'Donnell and Gruner +
Jahr USA Publishing -- which ended in a legal draw -- was a PR
disaster for O'Donnell and G + J, with the presiding judge
essentially saying, 'A pox on both your houses.' There has been no
financial settlement as of yet about who was ultimately responsible
for the shuttering of Rosie (ex-McCalls), but during the trial both
O'Donnell and G + J got hammered in the press, G + J CEO Dan
Brewster in particular. Now, Brewster is out of a job (fired by G +
J owner Bertelsmann AG) in a story first reported last week by The
Wall Street Journal. Brewster's career at G&J was mired by
missteps. In addition to the Rosie debacle, there was an expensive
flirtation with Internet-driven media products, including the 2000
acquisition of Fast Company for $360 million. Bertelsmann recruited
Brewster in from American Express Publishing in 2000, hoping he
would carry G + J to the top tier in consumer publishing. Oh,