Say What?

Isn't there some sort of mantra that says just because you can fill the Web with unlimited information doesn't mean you should? Our curiosity was piqued when we
got a release from Linhart McClain Finlon PR, inviting us to check out its online newsletter, Buzz - "a pithy digest of tidbits, timely observations and interactive marketing
ideas for clients and friends." So we visited the agency's site (, only to find an interface that insists on
using every letter of the alphabet to describe some aspect of the firm - including "Y" for "yare" and "Z" for "zest" (whatever). The problem was, it took us a while to
find Buzz, which was not so intuitively filed under "N" for newsletter (we looked under "B" hoping to cut to the chase). Our verdict: a noble creative idea if your target
audience has lots of time to kill. But if the goal was to reach busy people, this one gets an "F."