Say What?

A good headline is never easy to write, but a bad one can be downright entertaining. This week we received a release with one of the most confounding headlines we've seen: "New
Coalition Says Construction of Rental Housing Nonexistent, Need, Especially Among Working Families, Growing Rapidly." It seems that in the rush to push a release out quickly many
PR folks forget to pay attention to the head, which is the only thing that 99.9% of journalists have time to read anyhow. Case in point, we really paid attention to
the head on the release from Miami's "Fuel Nightclub," reading: "Miami's Top-Notch Nightclub Would Like You To Participate In A Weekend Full Of Non-Stop Enjoyment." As PR NEWS
wraps up this column, tempted to call a U.S. Air reservations clerk, the "Welcome to Miami" song doesn't sound so annoying after all.