Ruling the Waves: 5 Tips for a Successful Radio Interview

Andy Gilman

Andy Gilman, CEO of CommCore Consulting Group, has prepped prominent corporate executives and government leaders for important broadcast interviews. Of all the outreach platforms, radio is the most imaginatively visual medium, “because we use the ‘movie camera’ in our brands to create images,” says Gilman. Here are five radio interview tips from Gilman:

  1. Tell a quick, compelling story: Audience attention fades fast on radio if the sound bites are boring.

  2. Bring visual references: Have props and photos in the studio with you to describe the idea, product or service.

  3. Get Local: Adapt your messages to the city, county or state.

  4. Make it multimedia: Always mention a Web site to get more audience information.

  5. Use your hands: The secret to a strong and vibrant voice is using your hands, which improves pacing, tone and passion. 

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