New Portal All About Headlines. It's one thing to launch a Web site in these troubled times for dotcoms, it's another to launch a portal. Internet pundits have
declared portals, or collections of links to other places online, wouldn't last because visitors don't stick around - and that's not too enticing for potential advertisers.
However, a recently-launched ad-driven portal may be helpful to headline-scanning publicists looking to see if their client made the paper in Topeka. links to
hundreds of local papers, magazines, and radio and TV stations around the world. A search box lets you find news based on geography or publication title, and the site's main page
lists breaking news in the media's pre-eminent publications. Marketing director Stephanie Benes calls the site the "ultimate bookmark" for publicists doing media research. She
also says that low overhead and a tiny staff ( is part of StartSpot Mediaworks, which has 10 employees) will help it survive the Web shakeout. StartSpot runs 14
other portals on subjects ranging from government resources to Web-based reference materials. (Stephanie Benes, 303/455-5223.)