Attention Masochists. Ever wonder what journalists really have to say about the PR crowd when they're not being, er, polite? If you can stomach it, visit and click on the link in the left margin called "PR Beefs." The conversation mostly comprises straight venting and
overuse of the word "flack," but we were able to find a constructive comment here and there. We even found one PR counselor who was brave enough to add his two cents to the
thread, suggesting that perhaps journalists aren't regarding the power they wield with an appropriate level of sobriety. Our trusty PR participant characterized today's
reporters as "a white-collar street gang, largely unaware of the value of their own work to the greater good of society," adding that the media today is "getting the kind of PR
it deserves in a world where Matt Drudge beats the assembled mass of the profession's best on a near daily basis. Ask yourself when you reported the last story of impact? And
how many holders of important, dangerous information would think to send it to you?" he wrote. Ouch, that smarts.