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Digital PR


  • Social Media Communications Checklist
  • Top 10 Guidelines for Social Media Participation
  • Sample Social Media Policy
  • SEO Resource List
  • Video Production Tips

PR News' How-To Compendium

  •   Leverage the Reach of Local Newspapers
  •   Pitch Your Ideas the Steve Jobs Way
  •   Build Your Brand the Social Way
  •   Apply Thought Leadership to Social Media
  •   Take a Public Relations Crisis by the Horns
  •   Balance Client Demands and Media Needs
  •   Create, Package and Pitch Trend Stories
  •   Offer 'Unsubscribe' to Journalists
  •   Write, Pitch and Place Bylined Articles
  •   Keep Business Conversations Professional
  •   Expertly Use a Flip Video Camera for PR
  •   Deftly Manage User Content on Facebook
  •   Improve Your FAQs, or Consider Alternatives



  • RFP Sample
  • Sample Vendor Contract
  • Sample Freelancer Contract
  • Communications Budget Breakdown—Large Nonprofit



  •  Output, outtake and outcome metrics matrix

Media Relations


  • Press Release Templates
  • Sample SEO Optimized Press Release
  • Media Training Checklist