Quick Study: Facebook’s Social Security; E-Mail Marketing; Laughing on the Job; DIY Press Release

*Old Folks on Facebook: The social networking site, initially an online destination almost exclusively for college students and recent grads, is maturing as a result of its newfound popularity in

the corporate world, especially in Silicon Valley. Of the 33 million Web users the site now boasts, over 41% are of the 35 and over demographic, which accounts for a large portion of the 150,000 new

users the site claims it signs up every day. Executives, journalists, and publicists in the tech world and beyond have profiles on Facebook, including Google exec Vinton Cerf, venture capitalist

Vinod Khosla, and Salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff. Consulting company Ernst & Young's Facebook network alone boasts 16,000 members, while Citigroup's claims nearly 8,500.