Quick Study: CR Reporting Rises Among Top 100 U.S. Companies; Optimizing Content for Sharing Pays Off in Traffic

Corporate Citizenship Reporting Takes Off: More U.S. companies are formally reporting their corporate responsibility (CR) activities to stakeholders, finds a KPMG International analysis of CR reporting among the top 100 companies in 34 nations. Among the top 100 U.S. companies by revenue, 83% report on their CR activities, up from 74% in the 2008.

Other study findings include:

• Reputation and brand (67%), ethics (58%), employee motivation (44%), innovation and learning (44%) and risk management (35%) are cited by the companies as the top priorities and impetus behind CR reporting as it becomes part of the overall business strategy within organizations.

• A third of the 100 U.S. companies and almost half of the 250 largest companies globally (G250) said they have demonstrated financial gain from their CR initiatives.

• Six European countries are on the top 10 list of nations with the strongest CR reporting from companies: the U.K. (100%), Japan (99%), South Africa (97%), France (94%), Denmark (91%), Brazil and Spain (both 88%), Finland (85%), the U.S. (83%) and the Netherlands (82%).

• However, there are differences in CR reporting adoption among industries. The automotive and mining industries lead the pack, more than doubling their reporting since KPMG’s 2008 survey, while consumer markets and transportation have advanced at a much slower pace.

Twitter Drives Release Traffic: Although press releases are more frequently shared on Facebook, shares on Twitter drive significantly more traffic back to releases than shares on Facebook, says a Nov. 2011 PR Newswire and social marketing platform Crowd Factory study that offers insights into social engagement around press releases.

The data also confirms that optimizing content for sharing pays off when it comes to amplification of news.

Actual data supporting these conclusions from the study include:

• Each press release share generates two new views, expanding total audience by 70%. Additionally, sharing of press releases across social networks increases the total audience, or social reach, for this content by nearly 70%.

• 48% of press release sharing occurs on Facebook; 37% on Twitter; and 15% on LinkedIn. However, Twitter drives 30% more press release views than Facebook.

• Multimedia press releases generate 3.5 times more engagement than text-only releases Adding a photo to a press release increases engagement by 14%, while adding a video and a photo actually doubles the engagement rate. PRN

Source: PR Newswire/Crowd Factory