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Cause-Branding For Nonprofits

Existing and potential nonprofit donors are looking beyond traditional dollar donations alone, according recently released research findings by Cone, Inc. The findings, which

highlight the evolving nonprofit landscape, show that:

* Nearly six of every 10 respondents (comprising a pool of more than 1,000 individuals) indicated that they want opportunities to get involved in nonprofits beyond dollar


* Trust in the organization is the key for 82% of decision-markers who are deciding which nonprofit cause to support, closely followed by measurable community impacts (81%);

* 76% of philanthropic consumers believe word of mouth is the most effective way for nonprofits to reach them;

* 56% believe media coverage is most effective;

* 44% believe it's through companies from which they buy products or services; and

* The least effective communications tools according to respondents are celebrity involvement (14%) and telemarketing (8%).