Q/A "Tough Calls" to Make…

The break-up of AT&T in 2000 was one of the most dramatic episodes in recent U.S. business history. And Dick Martin was there as the one-time industrial giant imploded.
"I was not a fly on the wall at meetings of AT&T's senior management. I had a seat at the table," says Martin, who began working for AT&T in 1970 and was head of
AT&T's public relations from 1997 through his 2002 departure. Now he's put all the details into a new book titled, "Tough Calls: AT &T and the Hard Lessons Learned from
the Telecom Wars" (AMACOM, $24.95). Martin, who is now pursuing a writing career, provides readers with eye-opening revelations into the break-up of AT&T as focuses on how to
strike a balance between internal and external communications. PR News recently caught up with him to see what PR pros could learn from his experience.