Q/A American Airlines Hits The [PR] Skids

The fists may fly at American Airlines. The airliner's three major union groups said last week they were considering voting again on $1.6 billion in annual concessions their
members recently approved to help the airliner avoid bankruptcy. The move came after reports that American's board had decided to give seven top executives cash bonuses in 2004
and 2005 equal to or up to twice their annual base salary if they stayed with the company until January 2005. Union members were livid and management quickly rescinded the
bonuses. PR NEWS asked Mike Paul, president MGP& Associates PR, New York, and an adjunct professor of strategic communications and reputation management at New York
University, New School University and The Kings College, for his take on what role communications will play as things shake out for the airliner. Paul has also worked on PR
projects both nationally and locally for United Airlines.