According to statistics compiled by Public Relations Career Opportunities, a publication launched by the Public Relations Society of America in 1994, there continue to be ample openings for communication professionals at all levels. That finding - based on stats collected since Jan. 1, 1997 - was culled from 1,000 corporate, nonprofit, agency and government positions listed in the publication. So who's getting the focus of professional attention? Data shows that of the jobs listed, 40 percent were corporate; 29 percent were with PR agencies; and 22 percent were with nonprofits.

The corporate figure should be especially heartening since industry leaders have noticed an increasing trend for corporations to outsource more of their PR efforts. This revelation, however, may indicate that as companies rebound from the 1980s, corporate communication staff will continue to grow but still seek regular input from third-party firms, which is good news for entrepreneurs on their own. (PRSA, 212/460-0310)