PSAs Hold Their Own

Contrary to popular belief that radio and television stations have little space for or interest in public service announcements, a new survey shows PSAs may even increase
slightly this year. The survey (conducted by PSA distributor WestGlen Communications) shows that 85 percent of TV respondents and 83 percent of radio respondents expect PSA usage
to at least hold steady this year, while 7 percent of TV respondents and 13 percent of radio respondents foresee an increase in usage. The study also refutes the perception that
PSAs air during less-than-optimal dayparts. On radio, 55 percent of PSAs air in times other than overnight hours with similar numbers for TV. (Only 11 percent of PSAs air during
the morning drive, however.) Finally, according to the survey, TV and radio stations are giving special attention to PSAs with patriotic themes since Sept. 11. (Mark Dembo,
212/921-2800 ext. 291)