PRSA Sporting New Logo

In the real estate game, it's location, location, location. A
tony address might get you some extra mileage when distributing
corporate communications. But you better be sure that the company
logo -- in an increasingly visual environment -- is sharp, stunning
and well thought out. When changing a corporate logo it's
"research, research, research," says Catherine Bolton, executive
director - COO of PRSA, which recently rolled out is new corporate
logo. The association batted around logo ideas for about a year
before settling on the new graphic -- and a new tag line: "PRSA:
Advancing the profession and the professional." Created by
Jacksonville, Fla-based Husk Jennings, the new PRSA logo and tag
line mirror the organization's changes from the "inside out" as
reflected by new programs, products and services. Contact: libby.