A while back, prior to the launch of the new BlackBerry 10, LPP posted a blog offering three startup PR lessons from BlackBerry 10. Lesson 1, the blog said, was to know when to pivot. That is, know when and whether the world has passed your solutions and products by, and adapt quickly. Lesson 2… Continued

While Facebook continues to be the social platform of choice for many brands, a couple of interesting studies released last week could trip an alarm for communications pros. A Pew study found that the majority of the 1,000-plus people surveyed said they have taken breaks from Facebook at some point, and those breaks can be… Continued

“It’s PR’s fault.” This is what a reporter acquaintance for a daily publication recently told me, as she was lamenting the inability to set up a meeting with a top executive at a major trade show coming up. “They didn’t get back to me, and then the head of the company was mad that we… Continued

Meetings are both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, great ideas and solutions abound when you bring people into a room, face to face.  People learn from one another and also get to know their colleagues better.  Ideas, concepts, hot-button issues can get lost in translation via email, phone or memo.  A great… Continued

It may not equal Jonas Salk discovering the polio vaccine or Albert Einstein discovering the theory of relativity, but Apple Inc.’s recent discovery of public relations is worth noting. For years the technology and consumer-products giant was notorious for treating PR as a marginal asset, at best. With its digital products having cornered the market… Continued