9 Pieces of Advice to Act On Today (I Swear!)


Advice is easy to come by and just as easy to dispense. What’s more difficult is heeding advice. At a recent awards luncheon in Manhattan hosted by PR News sister brand CableFAX, a group of young “executives to watch” shared useful advice that has helped them succeed in the challenging and ever-changing cable/entertainment industry. I thought it worth sharing these morsels of advice, applicable to any business professional and then apply these 9 tips to a real-world situation:

  1. Don’t take the credit.
  2. Keep a swear jar in office.
  3. Listen to what people are saying on social media.
  4. Simplify.
  5. Edit down your business plans.
  6. Be kind.
  7. Look at all sides of the issue.
  8. Innovation can be found at all levels.
  9. Don’t drink and tweet.

In other words:

You don’t have to take credit (1) for a job well done; it will be noticed at some point sooner rather than later. And sometimes you just want to scream F&*% You!  And that’s OK, because there’s a swear jar (2) for that. Once you’ve calmed down, check out what your customers are doing and saying on Twitter and Facebook and learn from it (3). Doing so might help you simplify your next PR campaign (4) and result in a business plan that you’ve edited down to its most cogent parts (5). Later that day, a colleague takes credit for the business plan you spearheaded, and you decide to be kind 6), and let it go. You attend a business meeting and disagree with just about everyone in the room. You think about the swear jar you’ll use later, but better yet, you begin to look at all sides of the issue (7) and realize that the new hire – just two years out of college – has the best idea in the room (8). It’s happy hour and you are a bit bored. You check out your Twitter feed, oblivious to the human beings around you. You lift your head for air. You go back to Twitter and are feeling very prolific, 140 characters at a time. But you realize there is life outside Twitter. You put down the iphone (9) and engage in real-world conversation.

It’s that simple (4).

– Diane Schwartz






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  • sarah

    Great advice! Thank you – here are more ‘tips’ for small biz entrepreneurs. http://kool-aidrehab.blogspot.com.
    Laughs and Lessons!

  • http://www.newsmakergroup.com Suzanne Mannion

    Fun – an spot on! – post. Here are thoughts on being a good agency. http://www.newsmakergroup.com/blog/how-to-be-a-good-pr-agency/

  • Joel

    Great post ..