Are You a Monday Person or a Friday Person?

You look forward to the work week and may have even been overheard saying, “TGIM!” The week is your oyster and you are ready to discover new things, to make a mark on your world. You love Mondays.

Fridays, on the other hand, might be the favored child for you. You’ve worked hard all week – or you haven’t – but finally the end of the week has arrived and you are ready to start the weekend.  TGIF!

Most of us can self-identify as either a Monday Person or a Friday Person. While more songs of misery contain the word Monday and more lyrics, restaurants and products include Friday, the day with the most emotional drain is actually Wednesdays, according to many studies.  Wednesday might be the mid-week child of neither here nor there and the day when all the stuff that came out of those Monday/Tuesday meetings must be produced. Wednesdays are tiring.

But back to Mondays and Fridays. There’s been speculation and less than scientific studies that say neither day is highly productive.  I’ve heard people guard against buying cars manufactured on Mondays or Fridays: on Monday the factory workers are too tired and on Friday they are distracted thinking about the weekend.  How we can find out what day of the week a car is manufactured is another story – a task best relegated to a Tuesday or Thursday.

I challenge you to reverse your mindset this week. If you long for Mondays, then think of this day as Friday, and on Friday, be a Monday person.  Shake up your Arcadian rhythm and all Western World myths and try this exercise.

On Monday:

  • Think about all you’ve accomplished in the past week. Pat yourself on the back. What have you learned, what do you need to follow up on in a few days (not today)?
  • Do not call for or attend any meetings (if possible).
  • Contact a customer who’s likely to be in a great mood because it’s, um, Monday.
  • Start planning for the weekend – movies, time with family and friends.
  • Post something fun on Facebook.
  • Pin an uplifting photo on Pinterest.
  • Have lunch with colleagues and talk about the week ahead.


And on Friday:

  • Make a to-do list of items to tackle in the next 5 days.
  • Attend at least one meeting, preferably in the late afternoon.
  • Clean your desk and actually use the recycle bin.
  • Write a blog post about an issue having an impact on your industry.
  • Share your serious blog post on Facebook, tweet about the post.
  • Resist clicking on celebrity-related Tweets and cute animal videos.

Let me know if this reversal of mindset works for you.  And please chime in on which day of the week is your favorite and why.

–  Diane Schwartz

On Twitter: @dianeschwartz