Tired of Election News? Here’s What You’ve Missed

Maybe it’s just me, but are you getting presidential election fatigue? With all of the talk of spin rooms, binders, “optimal” and fact checking, I’m ready to go out and vote this afternoon just to be done with it.

Being a PR pro, you’re most likely a voracious consumer of news and information. But the bulk of the news has been all-election all the time. So in the interest of keeping you up-to-date on other important news you may have missed because of the election onslaught, here’s a quick synopsis of a few stories that are equally—well, almost—important:

Ellen DeGeneres Wins Mark Twain Award at Kennedy Center: The tables were turned on DeGeneres as fellow comedians doled out some gentle barbs for her collecting the top comedy award. Of course, DeGeneres couldn’t resist a political joke, thanking PBS, which is broadcasting the show next week, with a nod to Mitt Romney’s sentiments toward continued government funding of public broadcasting: “Thank you, PBS. I’m so glad to be part of your final season.”

S.F. Giants Storm Into World Series with 9-0 Win Over Cardinals: Down 3 games to 1 in the NLCS series, the Giants came back to beat the St. Louis Cardinals 9-0 Monday night to advance to the World Series against the Detroit Tigers. The city of San Francisco went wild, as the San Francisco Chronicle reported that bars were full of fans—and none of them wanted to watch the presidential debate that was airing at the same time as the game. Giants fan Matt Garret was quoted as saying, “I’ve been a Giants fan my whole life and I already know who I’m voting for.”

Justin Timberlake Gets Married in Italy: Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel got married in Italy over the weekend, with guests including SNL pals Jimmy Fallon and Andy Samberg. The ceremony was truly romantic, as Timberlake reportedly serenaded Biel with a song he penned expressly for the big day. It was also reported that the pair was extremely serious about getting back to the U.S. to watch the Romney-Obama debate, as shown by this photo at the airport.

iPad Mini and Windows 8 Launch This Week: Both Apple and Microsoft are launching new products on Oct. 26. The new iPad Mini is the most portable and pocketable tablet Apple has produced, reports Pocket-Lint. Meanwhile, Microsoft hopes Windows 8 will put the company back on the cutting edge of technology, with an operating system that offers a “fast and fluid experience” across traditional PCs and touch-screen tablet devices, enabling users to move seamlessly between them, said Steven Sinofsky, president of Microsoft’s Windows division at a press conference Monday in Shanghai. Yet Apple may win Friday’s launch war simply because it was reported that President Obama surfs the Web on his iPad every night before going to bed.

On second thought, I give up. Back to C-SPAN.

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