New Myspace Has the Perfect Celebrity Spokesman

How do you bring an old social media brand back from the dead?

That’s the challenge for the new owners of Myspace, the once-popular and pioneering social media platform that hit its stride in the mid-2000s, but flamed out thanks to an upstart social destination called Facebook.

So here’s what the Myspace owners have done this week from a communications standpoint:

  • Unveiled plans for the new Myspace to employees at an event on Monday, which coincided with media interviews given by one of its more famous investors, singer/actor Justin Timberlake. Timberlake appeals to young and older alike, plus he’s firmly embedded in the creative community and can recruit his famous friends to have a presence on the site.
  • Launched a flashy promotion video, set to the song “Heartbeat” by the group JJAMZ. The video clearly showcases the new design, which looks a lot like Pinterest (not a bad look to emulate).  It also has a lot of photos of—you guessed it—Justin Timberlake.
  • Generated 641,000 Google News results for “new myspace” keywords. A scanning of the articles finds a mix of business, tech, music and entertainment publications and blogs. Most of the stories include an image of one of the owners of the new Myspace—Justin Timberlake.

So for all of you communicators out there looking for the perfect product launch, take a page from Myspace and get a celebrity spokesperson (and he or she doesn’t have to be the owner, but it helps) like Justin Timberlake.

You’ll be glad you did.

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  • Rachael

    JT is a good choice – as you say, appeals to the masses! Will be interesting to see if MySpace pull it off.


    Like Home on the Range, Chicken Little wasn’t even nominated for the Best Animated Feature Oscar, although Abby and Chicken Little did appear on the television broadcast to present that award.