I Heard the News Today, Oh Boy

Did you hear? Apple is launching a new iPhone.

Of course you heard! Just about everybody around the world heard and they heard it within nanoseconds of the curtain going up on the much-anticipated iPhone 5.

The reviews were all over the place. Just look at the early headlines:

  • The New York Times was impressed: “Apple Offers a New iPhone, Lighter and More Powerful.”
  • Forbes wasn’t:  “The iPhone 5 Suggests That Without Steve Jobs, Apple Is Becoming A Normal Tech Company.”
  • Entertainment Weekly’s take? Well they were just being themselves:  “Apple introduces iPhone 5, ushering the human race into a brave new utopian era of technological revolution.”

These were just a tiny sampling of the thousands of media outlets covering the unveiling. Social media jumped all over the news, with over 500,000 tweets recorded within the first few hours of the unveiling.

Most companies would kill for this kind of coverage, but for Apple this is nothing new. They are masters of the publicity universe and proved it yet again with the seemingly endless publicity that led up to the launch, the huge coverage of the launch and the massive coverage certain to come when the phones finally are on sale.

Coverage of the unveiling followed months of speculation. Apple has been vague for a very long time about when the phone would finally be available. For many brands, that would be a disaster. But Apple has a history of making a PR bonanza out of making people wait.

CNET did a brilliant job of collecting the stories speculating on the new phone, and the number of articles on the subject was simply staggering. The speculation and excitement went on for months. Was it a coincidence that the Apple stock went from 584 at the end of June up to 680 last week?

With people allowed to pre-order the iPhone 5 starting on September 14 and to start shipping the phones on September 21, is doesn’t take a genius to predict that the upcoming coverage will be even more intense than what’s already been achieved.

You don’t have to be a PR maven to know the arrivals of the first phones in stores and online will be huge.

Speaking of online, I can just imagine the coverage of the long lines at Apple stores as people wait to be the first proud owners of the new phones.  As Yogi Berra might say, it will be déjà vu all over again… Apple style.

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