Streaming Network Makes HuffPost More Social

Just went you thought there weren’t enough social media platforms for communicators to pitch stories to, here comes yet another option.

On Monday, August 13, The Huffington Post unveiled HuffPostLive, a video streaming network with expectations of leveraging its online community and social platforms by having the option of engaging in an online conversation via webcam.

According to the report, HuffPostLive will have eight hours of live programming from New York and four from Los Angeles every weekday. Reporters, editors and bloggers from The Huffington Post will make regular appearances.

In a statement, Huffington Post editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington said: “We have reached a moment where – thanks to technology – millions of people have a seat at the table and can join what has become a global conversation.”

Engagement. Engagement. Engagement.

As social media continues to become a main priority for communicators, organizations are realizing that the online conversation is of the utmost importance to the success or failure of their brand.

With the audience of the Huffington Post, the potential for ads and visibility for marketers could be limitless. The social-centric plan of HuffPostLive would not only open the door for discussion about the various topics on the show, but potential sponsors could have space to showcase their brands.

It’s another outlet for PR pros to promote their clients and another sign that social media is the way to go for organizations.

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