One-Size-Fits-All Is Wearing Thin With Our Stakeholders

Are you platform agnostic or platform committed? Perhaps you hadn’t asked yourself that question before, but I implore you and your team to really think about this as you race to capture audience engagement and action. NBC Universal’s Chief Digital Officer and former NY Times and NPR exec  Vivian Schiller, during Internet Week at the Digiday conference in NYC, spoke about how content is consumed and delivered, and noted that she really hates the term “platform agnostic.” It sounds so smart, doesn’t it: “platform agnostic”? We all got on the bandwagon and pledged to not play favorites with our platforms – we would deliver content to our readers anyway, anywhere , 24/7.  We’d be agnostic!

But somewhere along the way, many of us – whether you deliver news, analysis, marketing content  – tripped up. We started putting our content on mobile and it looked just like our Web site; we started posting video for video’s sake and hoped it would be deemed an artistic production.  We delivered email newsletters that read just like the Web site content.  Further, many of us didn’t even go there. We skipped right over the various screens (mobile, video, etc) and jumped right into social media with fevered agnosticism.

“Are we platform-committed?” asked Schiller?  I love this question and the challenge it presents during this dynamic time in digital communications. Put another way, are we committed to delivering our messages, our information and news to fit the unique attributes of the platform? Do we spend time understanding how our audiences consume information and what they’d want from us on an app vs a mobile site vs a Web site? Are we even present in their lives when they’re on their smartphone or tablet?

With so many platforms to manage, do we resort to “writing once” with social media – sending that tweet across our Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+  platforms or do we tailor the content to the mood and rhythms of that platform? It takes more time and thought (and resources), but that is what our audiences expect of us.  It’s time to start taking sides and creating digital experiences that give our stakeholders something to believe in.

— Diane Schwartz

On Twitter: @dianeschwartz

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    Guilty as charged. Thanks, Diane, for the gentle kick in the butt.