A PR Homage to The Hunger Games

If 24 PR executives were sent every year to the Arena to battle it out, would you watch? Would you be one of the “tributes” or better yet (worse yet?), would you volunteer to be a tribute to save your colleague from near-imminent death? No need to answer that, for thankfully such a dystopian future is fictional, popcorn-chomping fare.

But if you can hack into the buzz of the day, which right now is The Hunger Games, and consider how this story applies to you, then what might cross your mind? Perhaps it’s on the real world of Public Relations and fighting the daily battle to preserve reputation, break through the clutter, launch or wrap up a campaign, boost employee morale, drive more sales and measure your success (and failures).  Likely you’re not starving for action items.  If you are among the millions of people who paid to see The Hunger Games over the weekend, then you know this movie “has something for everyone” – that everyday you are playing a game of survival, dealing with decisions and authorities beyond your control. You form alliances and pick your battles.  You might get stabbed in the back; you might be rescued by an unlikely competitor. You might even find yourself handing over your last piece of proverbial bread to your teammate.

Your best weapon is your intelligence, but a little perspiration doesn’t hurt.

The mantra running through The Hunger Games is “May the odds be ever in your favor.”  To stay ahead in the game you know, however, that luck favors the prepared. So be prepared to, um, talk about the Hunger Games with your peers until the next blockbuster movie hits the big screen.

– Diane Schwartz

On Twitter: @dianeschwartz