You Don’t Work Weekends — Or Do You?

It’s been noted that Monday through Friday is a typical work week in North America, with weekends freed up for everything but work. There are exceptions with the occasional business trip that bleeds into the weekend or a project that needs extra attention, but overall, we turn it off on Friday afternoon and rev our work engines again on Monday.

If you say “Ha!” to that, then you are right.  Social media has changed our work habits, and my question to you is whether FaceTweetPinGoogTubeSquare, otherwise known as the Social Web, has altered your work habits to the point where you find yourself tweeting work-related items on a Friday night, reading industry-related blogs on a Saturday night, pondering which business videos to post on YouTube during your Sunday morning walk, noticing that the majority of your Facebook friends are work-related,  and not knowing whether to use Pinterest for work or play.  We are indeed tangled in this Web where work and play get knotted up, and finding a balance between the two can be a second job. But keep up the good fight, because taking real breaks from your job benefits you, your employer and your customers/clients. But I will submit that if you never think about work during the weekend, never take a peek at what’s going on in your work Web, then you might want to think about what makes you passionate.  Those passionate about their work cannot totally disconnect just because the calendar says it’s Saturday….imho.

Diane Schwartz

On Twitter: @dianeschwartz


  • Piadas

    If you are really passionate about what you do, you don’t consider that as “work” and you are willing to do that even on weekends.