Finishing, The Manning Way

By now you are either bleeding blue with glee that the NY Giants won the Super Bowl or you are on Gisele’s case for dissing husband Tom Brady’s teammates. Either way, you have to agree that Eli Manning is a class act. His press conference on Sunday immediately following the game was a media trainer’s dream come true. So on message was Eli that you would actually think he has a media trainer.  He deflected praise from him onto his team, using the word “we”  and avoiding the “I.”  During his speech at the Feb 7 victory parade in Manhattan, Manning used the word “finish” multiple times – as in, “we finished the season” and “we finished the game” ahead of the rest.  Recall your childhood days when your parents said “finish what you started.” Or, “finish your homework.” Or, “finish your sentence.”  So often we stop half-way through something and give up, or we redefine what “finish” means.  We may finish, but we’ve moved the finishing line. Or at least I do this sometimes.  The finishing line for Manning was the Super Bowl trophy. Nothing short of that would have been a good enough finish.  What is your “super bowl finish” for your next project or endeavor?

– Diane Schwartz



  • Rob Nance

    Great points made.

    I am now going to put on my Manning Colts jersey.