Top 10 Most Reputable Companies-With a Twist

For nearly two years now, PRIME Research, led by its CEO Mark Weiner, has been providing PR News with illuminating data relating to media coverage of top companies.

Analyzing the content of corporate coverage by leading traditional print, TV and online media outlets in the U.S., PRIME researchers were able to tell us media share of voice as well as article sentiment for a variety of corporate attributes, including Products, Strategy & Vision, Management, Financial Performance, Positioning and CSR. Great stuff.

For the 1/23/2012 issue of PR News out Monday, PRIME has outdone itself, creating the Top 10 Companies With the Best Reputations list as defined by media coverage. It seems like corporate reputation is most often defined by consumer studies, but this list takes a fresh and important angle. “While media coverage is only one element in corporate reputation, journalistic content uniquely reflects both current public opinion while helping to shape future perceptions,” says Weiner of the list.

I won’t give it away, so you’ll have to wait until Monday to see who the top dogs are. OK, I’ll give you a hint: the list is tech-heavy. Care to guess who No. 1 is?

–Scott Van Camp