Top 10 PR Rants for 2011

Since it’s top 10 (or 7, or 5) list season, I thought I’d offer my own numbered thoughts/rants on PR  in 2011. One of the lowlights in the media world for me this year was the death of 60 Minutes curmudgeon Andy Rooney (some people around the office think I’m becoming quite the curmudgeon myself). As a tribute to this talented commentator/complainer, I’ll ask that you channel his distinctive voice as you read the following:

1. Why does every crisis have to be a “PR disaster”?

2. Why are the Barcelona Principles such a big deal?

3. After the lights went out at Candlestick Park during a Monday Night Football game, was power company PG&E kidding when it announced that “only one customer was affected”? I truly hope so.

4. Am I the only one who prefers to read a news article, and not have to watch a video—and the commercial before it—instead? (That’s you,

5. With all of the content creation going on in 2011, do communicators really need to “think like a journalist”? Being one of them, I wouldn’t wish that on anybody.

6. Will we ever see the day when PR and marketing will be truly integrated, so I can stop using the word “integrated”?

7. Is it just me, or does anyone else notice the apathy around Google+?

8. Did Anthony Weiner actually come up with the reply “I can’t say with certitude” himself when asked if nude photos on Twitter were of him? If he did, “media trainer” is his true calling.

9. When out on their yachts on Friday afternoons, what do CEOs really say about CSR? I’d like to be a fly on the gunwhale.

10. Is there anyone who takes year-end PR top 10 lists seriously?

I didn’t think so. Happy New Year, everyone!

—Scott Van Camp

  • mike

    Reading number 4 only makes me angry YouTube is as bad as it is, but I can’t blame them for finding a way to make money.

    PS – I am still going to blame them for for a bad reformat.

  • Bensie Dorien

    Nice… list about….. PR rants …

    Bensie Dorien,

  • Tracy Dupree

    Love, love, loved this list! I’m right there with you!
    Best for a 2012 with less to rant about.

  • Scott Van Camp

    Mike & Tracy,
    Thanks for the feedback and yes, I hope there is less to rant about this year.

  • Frank Walton

    Scott: Evidence of the success of the Barcelona Principles — it’s on your list. So you’ve helped kick off 2012 as a good year for taking PR research seriously and responsibly. Best wishes. Frank

  • Scott Van Camp

    While my list doesn’t carry that much weight, PR measurement certainly does, and we’ll be covering it quite a bit in 2012. Thanks for the comment, Scott.