7 Ways to Make Time for Google+

Google+ may have 400 million users by the end of 2012, Bloomberg reported on Dec. 28. Sign-ups for Google’s new social networking platform accelerated in December 2011, perhaps as a result of the popularity of Google’s Android mobile system, which makes it easy to join it, Bloomberg’s Nick Turner writes.

You know what that means—somehow, some way, you’re going to have to get serious about Google+ in 2012. You’ll have to assume that every person you see with an Android device has a Google+ account.

But where is the time supposed to come from? As a communicator, you’re already flitting between Facebook and Twitter, with occasional stops along the way on LinkedIn. And then there’s everything else you need to be doing—remember that stuff?

To ease your acceptance of the permanence (at least through 2012) of Google+, I offer you these time-stealing tips:

1. Visit your Facebook three times a day, tops. Penalty for breaking this rule: You must avoid FB entirely the next day.

2. Impose a 30-word limit on all emails you write.

3. Pretend Twitter has a 75-character limit. That’s 65 keystrokes saved that you can apply to Google+.

4. In those rare events that your phone actually rings (and you answer it), limit the conversation to 30 seconds. Your caller will be grateful, considering he or she was hoping you wouldn’t answer anyway.

5. Instead of checking your email during meetings, post to your Google+ page.

6. Never, ever visit Web sites, except in emergencies. You’re getting all the news you can handle from your Twitter account anyway.

7. Always skip the last item in a “Top” list. All those saved moments add up to more time you can spend on G+.

—Steve Goldstein