The World Belongs to the Human, Geeky Start-Ups

Priya Ramesh, director of social media strategy for CRT/tanaka, recently told PR News that from a PR perspective, she sees little value in Google+. Right now, in this interim before the launch of brand pages, Google+ is “PR and marketing people talking to each other.” And she doesn’t expect the launch of brand pages on Google+ to slow down Facebook’s expansion.

“Facebook wants to be the platform that says ‘you come to me, you share information and then you’re buying things from me,'” said Ramesh, who predicts that the social network will eventually become the social e-commerce platform your mom, your customer and you will be using. “Facebook is going to be Google+, Amazon and eBay all combined,” she said.

At the recent PRSA conference, blogger and author Chris Brogan took the opposite tack. Brogan is convinced that Google+ will be the next big thing. “Google+ is the only social network indexed by the number one search engine in the world,” Brogan said. “Search matters and findability matters.”

The decisive factor, for me and for some of my colleagues, is time. Where is the time for Google+ supposed to come from? Facebook itself keeps changing—it’s enough just to keep pace with that. Mark Zuckerberg definitely learned a thing or two from Steve Jobs—a steady pace of interesting and controversial revisions and new products is in itself a method of turning heads away from one’s rivals. As long as Zuckerberg is in charge of Facebook, that’s where most of us are going to be spending our screen time.

That, and Twitter. Like Facebook, Twitter is a tech giant that has a human, geeky start-up feel. This town ain’t big enough for all three.

—Steve Goldstein

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