Herman Cain’s Problem: He Could Have Used Eli Gold

Surprise: a scandal of a sexual nature has hit a major political campaign. The accusation of sexual misconduct in the 1990s by Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain has caused a media firestorm, with every response from Cain being dissected, analyzed and criticized. When I first heard about this, my reaction was “this is life imitating art.” I’m a big fan of The Good Wife, and in last Sunday’s episode, law firm Lockhart/Gardner’s PR-crisis man Eli Gold (played to the hilt by Alan Cumming) found himself—as a favor—ordering the vetting of his ex-wife, who was interested in running for political office.

Back to reality, veteran political strategist Ed Rollins chalked Cain’s troubles up to a lack of experienced campaign staff, and a lack of vetting on Cain’s past. Knowing things like that beforehand, said Rollins, is critical. Back to art: In the case of Eli Gold’s ex-wife, she was discovered to have slept with a member of the Bin Laden family (while still married to Gold). There’s no doubt Cain’s backers would hope their candidate’s transgressions fail to reach that scale, but the scandal appears to be just getting started.

—Scott Van Camp

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    where is mrs cain? why isn’t she visible and saying something?