Is Tim Tebow Football’s A-Rod?

The Denver Broncos have a bye this Sunday, so for one more week the nation can ponder quarterback Tim Tebow’s ascension to the team’s starting QB spot. By ponder, I mean either celebrate his promotion or rip the heck out of the guy. Curiously, with Tebow there is no in between. When the Broncos announced that Tebow would be replacing the ineffective incumbent Kyle Orton for their next game, there was a frenzy of opinion from both the public in chat rooms, and the media—particularly ESPN pundits. “Tebow’s spent his time on the bench—he deserves to be on the field” said a few. “Tebow will fail miserably, and the Broncos will regret ever drafting the clown,” said even more.

I’m puzzled over why Tebow is so polarizing: sure, he wore his religion on his sleeve (actually on those litte pads under his eyes—John 3:11) while setting records at Florida; he is uncomfortable with NFL-style offenses (but can’t he learn them?); and being the Jockey underwear spokesperson may rub people the wrong way. But he’s never been caught for dog fighting, either. I asked Mike Paul of MGP & Associates (and who has represented athletes) why people get so riled up about Tebow. “Tebow being named QB and a leader on the Broncos is like the NBA’s Michael Jordan when he was in Chicago and Kobe now in L.A.” says Paul. “You take a chance to build a winning team around him and have faith in him, ironically the same way Tebow has faith in God.” It’s the God thing that just might annoy people. but it goes both ways, says Paul. “Ironically, Tebow’s strong Christian faith is a lightning rod for some and a breath of fresh air for others.  Remember, America has many evangelical Christians and that base is powerful,” he says.

Whatever the reasons, like Jordan and Kobe, Tebow is one of the most talked about athletes on the planet—but with zero pro championships under his belt. I, for one, will be rooting for the guy to win one of those soon.

—Scott Van Camp

  • joe verrengia

    Tebow bothers people (in Denver) for a few reasons…
    1. He was selected by the prior coach, who was a disaster. (And I’m from Boston….)
    2. (related) They gave up far too much to get him when he is far from a sure thing. This limits the team in the future.
    3. He doesn’t focus enough on football. He does reality TV and now there is talk of a movie career. Maybe this takes little time, but the perception is that he is more interested in being a cultural icon than a QB. He has a lot of work to do in football.
    4. His religious beliefs really aren’t much of an issue here. But if he starts winning and feels more entitled to go in that direction publicly, it could complicate things even feels like a time bomb because you know it is there.

  • Ann Rodriguez

    I’m so tired of the “hating” of Tim Tebow I could scream. He is a model citizen, regardless of your (or his) religious beliefs, he is a gifted athlete and a bright, capable young man whom many do and more should emulate. It is not his fault that a cult-like adoration has developed around him, bringing with it opportunities for success beyond the football field, and he should not be vilified for such. And, when it comes to football, he is as single-minded as they come, voraciously studying the game and tirelessly preparing for success on the field — if you don’t think so, go back and watch a clip of his “promise” press conference after the Ole Miss game in 2008 and then look at the success of his Gator team the rest of that season. I root for his success this Sunday, but I always have. Denver fans will realize how very lucky they are if they just give him a fighting chance. After watching the fans chanting his name after a LOSS two weeks ago, I think they already have. Go Broncos!

  • Roy Rod

    OK, I will not write as BRILLIANT as Ann but Joe, I am a football coach in college and I absolutely love Tebow’s work ethic and intensity, although my team right now is 8-0 we do not have a player like Tebow and wish we did. Like Ann said, don’t hate on him because there’s a huge following. That’s not his doing. He plays hard and has a desire to win that is second to none. And I love how you predict the future Joe, I wish you can tell me my winning lottery numbers next week. Denver fans chanted his name in a loss, last time I checked that wasn’t a bad thing! But yet you say Denver fans don’t like him, hmmm!! The things you say are just far fetched and definitely out there, and then I see you’re from Boston, so I now understand your level of sports knowledge. And the title of this post, “Is Tebow football’s A-Rod?” Who the heck put those two together!??? WOW, can’t compare. Sorry, although I’m a Yankee Fan raised in the Bronx, these are two totally different athletes!! I would love to coach a team of Tebow-like players……I wouldn’t lose a game.
    Just enjoy the show and stop speculating on things you don’t know about, but I guess that’s why they have blogs like this! God Bless!!!