Platinum PR Awards Highlight the Best of PR

Even though this is prime vacation time with the Labor Day holiday approaching, we’ve been pretty busy here at PR News. As we prepare for our 2011 Platinum PR Awards luncheon on Sept. 14 in New York, I’ve been putting together the special issue that complements the event. Going through all 40 categories (can’t reveal the winners—you’d have to kill me first), plus chronicling our first-ever group of Hall of Fame campaigns, one really gets a sense of the hard, innovative and just plain excellent work that PR pros do. From branding and blogs to crisis and video, there is no shortage of great initiatives, including those that help move worthy causes forward. And when you add what PR is doing in the digital/social media space, the outcomes just keep getting more impressive. So as I go through these winners and honorable mentions, I do have a few favorites. Is there a campaign this year that has really impressed you?

Have an impressive holiday weekend.

–Scott Van Camp

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