Can Google+ Rule the Social Media Universe?

I’ve got Google+ on the brain. After talking to and corresponding with a number of digital execs for a feature story on the much ballyhooed new social media platform (slated for the 8/22/11 issue), I’ve come to the conclusion that PR pros had better look into Google+, and sooner rather than later. I know what some of you are thinking: “I’m just getting used to Facebook and now I have to spend more time and money on another social network?” Well, yep. I’ve been slow at looking at it, too.

Adding to the intrigue of Google+ is the business debate about whether it will supplant Facebook as the social media destination of choice. Google+ has a long way to go before that happens. While most communications pros were optimistic about its chances to really compete with Facebook, I got an interesting take from Glenn Gaudet, president and founder of GaggleAMP, a company that helps organizations amplify their social media messages. Gaudet  questions Google’s backing of Google+, citing the lack of an API (Application Programming Interface), which allows third-party developers access.

“Other social platforms have them,” says Gaudet. Google’s Android, for example, has been a huge success because Google opened it up to the developer universe. “I just have a question as to whether they’re fully committed to Google+,” he says.

Time will tell, because soon Google will begin allowing brands to post their profiles on the network. What do you think: Will Google+ beat Facebook, or will it go the way of Google Wave?

–Scott Van Camp


    If Gogglo + provides the fascility to allowing brands to post their profiles on the network then really it is a great development in the field of public relations.

  • toni

    As a PR student, I’ve immersed myself in social media and am currently taking a class on social media but I often ask myself the same question. Just because Google came out with a new social media platform, are people going to quickly switch over from Facebook? Companies have developed impressive fan pages on Facebook to garner the attention of millions of users worldwide and with Google+ being brand new with a slow following, are they willing to put in all of that work again? Many people I’ve spoken with have no interest in Google+ because they see it as ‘just another Facebook’ and I’m starting to agree. The only reason I have an account is because I’m studying social media and unless my job after graduation requires me to use a Google+ account, my interest will most likely be nonexistent in a few short months.