A Little Research Goes a Long Way in PR

This week has been an eye opener in terms of realizing how important research is to public relations. First I read in the July-August issue of Harvard Business Review that the color pink is bad for fighting breast cancer. The research found that 33% of women who viewed breast cancer banner ads featuring pink remembered the ads, while 65% remembered ads that were gender-neutral, or not pink. That has to be a surprise to breast cancer charities who have embraced pink, but I say they’ve still done a great job creating awareness and raising funds for the cause.

Then, in a B2B case study I’ve written for the June 27 issue, research was key in a couple of ways: providing data that would help an eyeglass lense company best reach HR pros who hold the power to promote vision plans to their employees; and allowing the company to develop a calculator tool (which is driven by data) for said HR pros to use. Finally, at deadline time, Mark Weiner of PRIME Research provided me with some surprising findings for our Media Beat data feature. For the first time in two years, executive leaders are the most positive force in corporate reputation in the media (check out both articles when the issue comes out on Monday). With all of this critical research abounding, do you feel that your organization does enough research around PR initiatives or campaigns?

–Scott Van Camp