Building Great Teams: Control Freaks Need Not Apply

In the 6/13 issue of PR News, Mike McDougall, a former PR exec with Bausch + Lomb and now an independent consultant, writes about how as a communications leader, if you give up some control of your staff, it will likely empower them to greater success. Mike’s piece reminded me of two things I have recently read: one was in Inc.‘s June “Top Small Company Workplaces” issue—the story about Namasté Solar and how its employee-owned cooperative model puts workers on the same level as CEO Blake Jones. This workplace democracy is working well, although I’d say it takes mighty understanding CEO to pull it off. The other reminder was a book I recently read called Bold: How to be Brave in Business and Win (Kogan Page, 2011), by Shaun Smith and Andy Milligan. Bold ably chronicles the brand-building stories of 14 companies, most of which have leaders who really listen to their employees.

Mike really has the right idea in relinquishing control to make your team great. I’d be curious to know if there’s any PR pros out there who have already done just that.

–Scott Van Camp

  • Jennifer Abshire Patterson

    The key to a successful team is to let ’em loose and let them feel their importance. Let go and the benefits await….
    Jennifer Abshire/CEO
    Abshire PR
    Savannah, GA